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Stage in life? Family? School/career path?

  • Chief Information Officer, responsible for all enterprise-wide information technology initiatives.
  • Has more than 30 years of information technology, management, global initiatives, and operations experience.
  • Prior to joining current company, he served as the senior vice president and chief information officer for Coca-Cola Refreshments.


Male or female? Age? Location?

  • Male.
  • 59.
  • Lives in Smyrna with his wife and two children.


Demeanor? Communication preferences?

  • Learned confidence. Overrides his natural timidity by speaking quickly and confidently.
  • Perceptive. Sees the big picture and what matters.
  • Authentic. Willing to be real, treat others as peers, and help out where needed.


Primary goal? Secondary goal?

  • Primary: Create high-quality, secure, and cost-effective technologies that enhance his company's business capabilities.
  • Secondary: Shorten a product’s time to market.


Primary challenge? Secondary challenge?

  • Primary: Threats of being made obsolete at the hands of technology innovations that disrupt the industry and his company.
  • Secondary: Cyberattacks.

Real Quotes

About goals, challenges, etc.

“We’re looking for opportunities for partnerships that help transform our industry and allow us to tap into a talent pipeline.”

“Innovation is a priority for our company.”

“Engineering students can provide us with a unique opportunity to get fresh, innovative ideas and solutions.”

Common Objections

Why wouldn't they choose Georgia Tech?

  • We don't need external innovations for this. We can leverage our internal R&D.
  • State tax incentives are better elsewhere.
  • Not agreeable to the intellectual property terms.


How should you describe Georgia Tech to your persona in one sentence?

Connections to research, innovations, experts, facilities, and workforce-ready graduates in Atlanta — a growing, international city widely considered to be a hotbed of innovation.

Elevator Pitch

Sell your persona on Georgia Tech!

Georgia Tech collaborates with companies to achieve success by providing both outstanding graduates and an outcome-focused, business-friendly approach to research led by renowned scholars and researchers in diverse disciplines. Georgia Tech is a leader in the commercialization of its research.

Sources: Research Horizons Future Directions Study 2014; Georgia Tech Reputational Study 2012.

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