Our State

Georgia Tech has harnessed its resources to provide opportunities for Georgians—creating thousands of jobs, investing millions in startup businesses, and advancing industry throughout the state. It is this local impact that we aim to amplify through an ongoing cross-unit campaign.

Focused on education, innovation, and the economy, we will use broad storytelling and digital and graphic elements, housed in a dynamic portal titled Our State, to proactively illustrate the Institute’s commitment to its local roots. Specifically, we will use the content to:

  • Increase awareness of Tech’s impact on the state
  • Build and retain relationships at the state capitol
  • Expand Tech’s brand and reputation
  • Demonstrate and promote examples of impact

By collaborating across multiple units of the Institute, we will amplify stories about statewide impact for lawmakers, business and community leaders, students, faculty, staff, alumni, affiliates, and the general public.

Outreach Pillars

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Economic Impact


Northeast Georgia (Toccoa)
Northwest Georgia (Rome)
Middle Georgia (Macon)
Coastal Plain (Savannah)
East Georgia (Augusta)
South Georgia (Valdosta)
West Georgia (Carrollton)
Metro Atlanta


Smart Cities

Planning a statewide or Georgia regional impact story?

Add the 'Our State' boilerplate copy to your news story:

Georgia Tech’s research is renowned, and our scholarship helps solve problems the world over. But we also harness our resources to provide opportunities for Georgians, creating thousands of jobs, investing millions in startup businesses, and advancing industry from the mountains to the coast. Stories like this about Our State showcase Georgia Tech’s commitment to our local roots and how we live our motto, Progress and Service, right here at home.

Bring your story to the campus Editorial Planning meeting.

  1. Submit your planned story via the Editorial Entry Form and select the appropriate regions in the Georgia Outreach dropdown menu.
  2. Join the weekly meeting of communicators across campus for Editorial Planning on Mondays at 3 p.m. and take the opportunity to share in advance with the campus community.
  3. A cross-functional content review team will review submissions for inclusion on the Our State portal and follow up with the person who submitted.