Our department’s structure supports the mission and vision by:

  • Building awareness of Georgia Tech as a highly respected and highly ranked learning and research institution in Georgia by sharing stories locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Creating and maintaining an engaged and informed campus community focused on transparency and ethics.
  • Building and protecting the reputation of Georgia Tech by sharing consistent and compelling messages, responding to questions, requests, and suggestions readily.

Senior Leadership

Renee Kopkowski

Renee Kopkowski
Vice President of Institute Communications

Briana Thomas
Assistant to the Vice President

Tracey Reeves
Associate Vice President of Research and Academic Communications

Assistant Vice President of Research Communications

Blair Meeks
Assistant Vice President of External Communications

Louise Russo
Assistant Vice President of Strategic Marketing

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Research and Academic Communications

Tracey Reeves
Associate Vice President of Research and Academic Communications

Research Communications

Assistant Vice President of Research Communications

Péralte Paul
Marketing Communications Manager

Media Relations Representative

Organizational, Academic, and Research Communications

Susie Ivy
Director of Organizational, Academic, and Research Communications

Benjamin Hodges
Senior Writer/Editor

Stephanie Kadel
Senior Writer/Editor

Faculty Communications

Patti Futrell
Faculty Communications Program Manager

Tamara Wilder
Traffic, Production, and Analytics Coordinator

External Communications

Blair Meeks
Assistant Vice President of External Communications

Steven Norris
Director of Media Relations and Social Media

Social Media

Brice Zimmerman
Institute Social Media Manager

Evan Atkinson
Institute Social Media Officer

Media Relations

Ayana Isles
Media Relations Representative

Siobhan Rodriguez
Media Relations Representative

Open Records

Jamila Hudson-Allen
Open Records Officer

Franchesca Virgil
Open Records Assistant

Campus News and Special Events

Michael Hagearty
Director of Institute Campus Communications and Events

Rachael Pocklington
Director of Strategic Communications and Initiatives Program

Campus Communications

Kristen Bailey
Assistant Director of Institute Campus Communications

Victor Rogers
Communications Officer


Serena Wallace
Institute Events Manager

Stephanie Sigler
Institute Events Senior Coordinator

Jillian Cruser
Institute Events Senior Coordinator

Strategic Marketing

Louise Russo
Assistant Vice President of Strategic Marketing

Niccole Coleman
Client Manager

Christine Brazill
Analytics Specialist

Client Relations and Project Management

Doug Goodwin
Assistant Director, Client and Project Management

Stephanie Phillips
Traffic, Production, and Analytics Coordinator

Elise Berk
Traffic, Production, and Analytics Coordinator

Mariabelen Romero
Program Support Coordinator

Digital Strategy and Signage

Mance Ellenburg
Director of Digital Strategy and Signage

Fletcher Moore
Lead Web Developer

Bradley Waye
Senior Web Developer

Darin Givens
Senior Web Developer

Kennard McGill
Senior Web Developer

Nicholas Baker
Graphic Designer

Byron Stokes
Appl. Support Analyst III

Creative Strategy

Brett Boatright
Director of Institute Creative Strategy

Jennifer Tomasino
Content Strategist


Brigitte Espinet
Lead Writer/Editor

Stacy Braukman
Senior Writer/Editor

Jennifer Carlile
Senior Writer/Editor


Mark Ziemer
Design Lead

Monet Fort
Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Katya Kouznetsova
Part-Time Senior Graphic Designer

Digital Media

Troy Robinson
Assistant Director of Institute Digital Media

Maxwell Guberman
Video Producer/Director

Micah Eavenson
Video Producer/Director

Adam Karcz
Video Producer/Director

Harriss Callahan
Senior Graphic Designer

Rob Felt
Photography Manager

Christopher Moore
Digital Projects Specialist

Allison Carter
Photographer II


Aimee Anderson
Licensing and Trademark Program Director

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Business Operations and Human Resources

Business Operations

Julie Bryant
Director of Business Operations

Derek McKenzie
Senior IT Support Professional

Rosalyn Law
Financial Administrator III

Human Resources

Travis Proffitt
HR Business Partner
Dotted line report. Reports to Office of Human Resources.