Internal Marketing and Communications Trainings

Institute Communications (IC) empowers and supports marketing and communications (MarComm) needs and establishes confident stewardship of the brand and messaging for the Institute.

IC partners with experts across campus and within the team to establish new skill-building sessions.

Currently, these sessions are offered publicly and as one-on-one trainings in the topics below. Level up your marketing communications capabilities and knowledge base: Register for a MarComm training.

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Training Offerings

Brand Stewardship

Brand Stewardship Workshop

Intimate and focused workshop sessions with communication and design groups across campus with conversation centered on what strategically is/isn’t working and where we see the brand going next.

Brainstorm and dialogue around the following items:

  • Style guide and visual language.
  • Asset and template checklist.
  • Examples of application.
  • Identifying any challenges you may be having.

Exploring Photo and Video Resources

Discuss best practices from around the industry and explore photo and video resources related to brand standards that will support your creative projects.

Trademark, Use of Name, and Licensing

Learn how to align your marketing, communications, and promotional materials with the Institute Brand Standards, including proper use of logos, naming conventions, and licensing rules. IC will empower you to be a better brand steward with tips, tools, and examples.

Campus Partnership Programming

Generative AI in Campus MarComm

Generative AI, such as Large Language Models, emerged as the standout innovation of 2023. These tools are powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. As products such as Microsoft Office and Adobe embed generative AI capabilities into their products, learn how to use the tools ethically and responsibly.

Communications Strategy

Connecting with Campus Audiences

Dive into content creation and channel management to maximize your reach to students, faculty, staff, and administrators within the Tech campus community, with insight from IC.

Editorial and Impact Storytelling

Learn about planning, writing, and distributing audience-friendly, impact-focused, and brand-aligned stories and how to leverage our network of campus communicators and channels to amplify your news and events.

Research Communications: What Makes Tech a Research Institute

Learn how to hook your audience, draw them into your story, and share incredible research that is making an impact. You’ll learn how to leverage our research writing template to easily cover published papers and grants. And we’ll share examples of the collaborations across campus with colleagues like you to amplify our communications.

Do you have an expertise area that you can share with our community?

Unable to attend? Prefer a more hands-on or one-on-one session?

Additional Resources

Please note: GT Account required to access these resources.

Digital Communications

The Art of Writing for the Web

Explore how to create content that's not only easy to read and visually appealing, but also easy to find through search engines and accessible to all audiences. Whether you're a seasoned writer or new to the digital space, you'll walk away with key strategies to make your online content shine.

Social Media Working Group

The Social Media Working Group meets every other month to discuss emerging trends, best practices, strategic initiatives, content creation tactics, and analyzing data for social media accounts affiliated with Georgia Tech. A collaborative and conversational meeting, this group is designed to be a development tool for communicators across campus and an open forum for discussion of all things social media.

Website Analytics

We’ll cover the tools available to help you monitor and analyze your website and content strategy performance – including Google Analytics 4 and dashboard templates available in Looker Studio.

Open Records Requests

Open Records — How and Why Requests Matter

We will guide you through the Open Records process from start to finish, provide you with do's and don'ts, and answer any lingering questions that you may have.

Upcoming MarComm Events

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