Requesting an Executive Leader

Requests for campus or community engagement by members of the executive leadership team (ELT) are managed through the respective executive assistants. 

If participation is confirmed, the executive assistant will notify Institute Communications for resourcing, support, or coordination, as appropriate. The executive assistants can also suggest a substitute or alternative if your preferred leader(s) or requested medium are not an option. 


The best route for requesting executive engagement from all members of the ELT is through the online event participation request form linked below. To expedite requests: 

  • Submit requests with advance notice - at least eight weeks in advance of an event date.
  • Choose your first and second preference for the leader appearance. Note: it is standard to feature only one speaker at the same event. 

Letters, Messages, Videos

Submit requests for messages, letters, video, or other marketing-communications directly via email to the respective executive assistants:

  • Tracey Huddleston / Stephanie Johnston (President)
  • Robbie Burr (Provost)
  • Abbey Bluestein (EVPR)
  • Andrea Moses (EVP A&F)

To avoid oversight or delay in process, please submit all requests only to the executive assistants via the appearance request form or via email.