Prospective Undergrad Student Persona

undergrad persona illustration of a young student


Stage in life? Family? School/career path?

  • A junior in high school.
  • Has great grades. Among the top-ranked students in his school.
  • Active in school and in his community.
  • Feels he has a lot to offer.


Male or female? Age? Location?

  • Male.
  • 17.
  • Lives in East Cobb with his parents and younger sister.


Demeanor? Communication preferences?

  • Disciplined. Very goal oriented.
  • Decisive. Knows what he's looking for.
  • Competitive. Thinks quickly and moves fast.


Primary goal? Secondary goal?

  • Primary: Attend a vibrant, modern college that provides the best opportunities for success in life.
  • Secondary: Be academically challenged while still having a life outside the classroom.


Primary challenge? Secondary challenge?

  • Primary: Very busy. Has a lot going on.
  • Secondary: Bombarded with communications from multiple channels.

Real Quotes

About goals, challenges, etc.

"What can you offer me? What are your qualifications?"

"I’m getting a ton of email and pamphlets in the mail. They all say the same thing. I trash most of them."

"I won’t read more than a paragraph. I want my information delivered quickly, so get to the point."

Common Objections

Why wouldn't they choose Georgia Tech?

  • Students don't seem to have a life outside the classroom.
  • Tuition is expensive and financial aid offering isn't enough.
  • Another school has better rankings in my area of interest and promises more opportunities.


How should you describe Georgia Tech to your persona in one sentence?

Technologically focused, Ivy League-quality education with a public college price tag.

What should you tell them as they go through different stages in making a justified decision?

  • This buyer's journey explains what questions he has and how he finds the answers. Buyer's journey
  • Use this content map for ideas on what information to provide during each stage of the decision-making process. Content Map

Elevator Pitch

Sell your persona on Georgia Tech!

Georgia Tech provides bright, high-achieving students extraordinary opportunities to fully engage their minds through top-ranked academics and a well-rounded college life. Students are prepared to make vital contributions to a technology-driven global community by participating in research and other experiential learning. Immersed in a culture that inspires creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, they build a foundation for future career success at a nationally ranked institution.

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Prospective Undergraduate

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