Prospective Undergrad Content Map

What information will be most useful to a prospective undergraduate student at each stage of their buyer's journey? Here are some ideas to get you started:


Educational, honest, valuable, not overly promotional, and findable.

  • Rankings lists.
  • Profiles of students and researchers who are making positive, real-world changes.
  • Mentions of Tech's status as a public institution.
  • Financial aid and scholarship information and guides.
  • Notable alumni testimonials, success stories, and quotes.
  • Stories about Atlanta's growth, links to news articles about Atlanta, job market reports, and job listings.
  • Stories about Tech Square, Georgia Tech student and startup success stories, and infographics about Midtown's innovation district.


More specific but not overly promotional information about programs and opportunities.

  • Discipline-focused webpages with related majors, student and faculty profiles, news, and rankings.
  • Profiles of students, stories about students, student-created videos, or other content pulled from social media.
  • Testimonials and quotes from students about Tech's open and welcoming environment.
  • Webpages and stories about student support programs.
  • Job listings, alumni company profiles, innovation center opportunities, and career road maps.
  • Clear and engaging information about research, academic, co-curricular, and study abroad opportunities.


Personal and helpful. Validate their decision and help them successfully engage.

  • Admission blogs.
  • Student advice and stories of success.
  • Charts of deadlines.
  • Success stories, highlights of major Institute happenings.
  • Resources related to financial aid and scholarships.
  • Tip sheets.
  • Timelines and checklists.

Sources: Georgia Tech prospective undergraduate students and parents survey 2016, mStoner2016, undergraduate content survey October2016, ArmchairMedia2016.

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