Homepage Feature Story Submission Guidelines

Campus communicators and students are encouraged to pitch story ideas for feature articles that will run on the homepage of gatech.edu. 

About Gatech.edu Homepage Feature Stories

Gatech.edu is the Institute's official website. Two of the website's key objectives are:

  1. To provide useful and engaging information and to direct audiences to additional information about the Georgia Tech subjects they're interested in.
  2. To promote the Institute's values and positioning. One of the ways we accomplish this is through features stories, which are promoted on the gatech.edu homepage. 


How Homepage Feature Stories are Selected

The Institute Content Planning Committee reviews a story concept to determine if it meets all of the following requirements:

1. The story topic is of interest to at least one of the following gatech.edu target audiences:
  • Prospective students and their families
  • Prospective partners
  • Alumni
  • Visitors
2. The story illustrates at least one aspect of these strategic areas:
  • Research: Georgia Tech’s world-class research addressing the critical challenges of our times. Stories about our work in one of the following areas are encouraged: energy and sustainability; health; security and defense; manufacturing; materials; and robotics.
  • Reputation: Georgia Tech’s position as a highly respected technology-focused learning institution.
  • Technology and Innovation: Georgia Tech’s leadership in creating the next idea, the next technology, and the next visionary leaders. 
  • Economic Impact: Georgia Tech’s key contributions to the economic development and vitality of the city, state, and region.
  • Global Engagement: Georgia Tech’s expanding global footprint and influence.
  • Academic rigor: Georgia Tech student and faculty excellence in scholarship.
3. The story includes at least one of the following elements:
  • People: 
The people at Georgia Tech, and/or the people who have been impacted will bring these stories to life. In other words, we want to find people who are on the front lines of the topic we are writing about and let them tell their stories.
  • Experts: 
Experts lend features authority and credibility, and Georgia Tech has plenty of them. Our stories will include interviews with Tech faculty and researchers who have studied the subject.
  • Facts and Stats: 
Features also need plenty of facts and statistics to back up what we write about. Some evidence can be anecdotal and given through a good quote. But in the end, there's no substitute for hard numbers.
  • The Big Picture: 
While these features focus on Georgia Tech, we want to give a broader perspective when possible. So if we are writing about research, for example, we’ll want to spell out what the findings mean for the greater good.


Editorial Guidelines

  • Articles should be written in a clear, engaging, and accessible style that minimizes jargon and buzz words.
  • Articles can range anywhere from 750 to 2,000 words.
  • Articles must include at least one visual asset (photo, infographic, illustration, video, audio clip, recorded Skype interview, etc.) 
  • Each photo or illustration should have a one-sentence caption, plus a photo credit, if possible.
  • Authors are responsible for verifying all facts, including dates, as well as the correct spelling of names of people and organizations.
  • Please refer to and use our Editorial Guide. Please note that we use serial commas.
  • Gatech.edu requires all authors to transfer exclusive copyright, including the right to electronic distribution, to Georgia Institute of Technology.