What to Wear to a Photo Shoot

Regardless of whether your photo is being taken in a Georgia Tech lab, classroom, or in the Institute Communications photography studio, the clothing you wear to the photo shoot is just as important as the location and light. 

What to Wear:

  • Something you feel good in and that makes you feel confident.
    It’s also ok to bring a second option if you want to see how something looks on camera. It’s a good idea to have a jacket or cardigan; we can shoot both with and without easily for two different looks.
  • Clothing that compliments the location.
    When you are asked to participate in a photo shoot, it helps to know what the purpose of the shot is (highlighting research in specific locations; conveying campus life to prospective students and their families; or participating in leadership roles to name just a few). 
  • Eye protection and closed-toe shoes (If you’re in a lab).
    And if you’re wearing a lab coat in the summer, please wear trousers instead of shorts — or you’ll look like you’re wearing nothing from the waist down!
  • Business casual attire.
    For the majority of shots outside of labs and clean rooms, business casual is the safest best. For men, this is often a jacket and open dress shirt, a shirt and tie combination, or a dress shirt without a jacket.
  • Clothing without logos or busy patterns.
    If you’re wearing something with another school or company’s logo, you might want to have a replacement handy for your shot. Avoid patterns like checks, plaids, herringbone and light or close stripes. 
  • Simple jewelry.
    Flashy or chunky jewelry will take attention away from you.
  • Professional shoes.
    Your shoes might be part of the shot, as some of our portraits are head-to-toe. If you are not comfortable having your toes on view, choose loafers, pumps or sneakers instead of sandals. Flip-flops are super-casual and will promote a vacation-like look to the photo — not the best choice if you are going for a professional, high-tech shot.
  • Matching socks.
    Make sure your socks match your shoes and pants! Dark socks are preferred.
  • Any color other than red.
    Our major rival’s color is red, so it’s best to avoid it. Georgia Tech’s colors are white and gold, and while we love seeing you in school colors, it’s not necessary, of course.