News Articles and Op-Ed Submission Guidelines

In an effort to clarify what Institute Communications is looking for in news stories and ideas, we have prepared the following document for your reference. We encourage you to contact us with great story ideas and before working with the media.

National News

  • News should be timely and relevant to a significant number of people.
  • Will the story have impact?
  • Does it affect a lot of people or a limited few?
  • Does it have emotional appeal?
  • Does it advance the strategic goals of GT?
What are we looking for in national news stories?
  • Stories that relate to broad interests
  • Stories with multimedia potential – still images, video and animations
  • Stories that add something to the national discussion; not stories that are just a “me too” theme
  • Stories that are relevant to the following:
    • National debate
    • National issues
    • Trending topics
  • Stories that advance Georgia Tech’s strategic plan
  • Stories that advance the goal of diversifying the research program
  • Stories that demonstrate societal benefits from research
  • Verifiable facts
  • Verifiable research/based on publication in refereed journals or presentation at major conferences (releases should be developed ahead of publication or presentation dates)
  • Reputable sources
  • Objective sources


Local News

Local news stories, like national media, should be timely, advance Tech’s strategic plan, relate to a significant number of people. But they should also be stories that are relevant to the following:

  • Proximity to Georgia Tech
  • Economic impact to the state of Georgia Tech
  • Human interest to Georgians
  • Georgia Tech’s commitment to service and community



Opinion/editorial pieces should meet the publication’s standards in terms of length. The publication may also edit or fact check the submitted piece.

Qualities of a successful op/ed include:
  • Timely to a local or national conversation or news topic
  • Opinionated
  • Focused and come to a conclusion or call to action
  • Provide facts for your argument
  • The author must be an expert in the field
  • The author must be identified
  • Style should be tailored to the publication (news, academic, sports, etc.)
  • Make sure it is proofread before sending it out